At The Naked Vegan, we love to bake cakes, little ones, big ones in-between ones,

if you looking for a Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake or just a muffin, we have the perfect cake for you.

 Offering a full range of fabulously tasting affordable Vegan Cakes.

 We specialise in Celebration cakes for all occasions made exclusively for you, making your special day extra special.

You can now pop into our unit or get in touch so we can discuss how to make your perfect cake.

We only make Vegan products specifically designed and baked just for you.





                  Wedding Consultation             Birthday Cakes

                                                 Wedding Consultation                     Birthday Cakes                                     



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                   Donuts                                     Muffins

                      Cupcakes                              Cookies

                  Cupcakes                                         Cookies